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Growing your Succulents BIG and Beautiful...

When we got to trade shows or craft shows we always bring our 14" succulents and everyone is always amazed! They always ask us "how do you get your succulents so big?". The answer is alot simpler than you think.

The first thing to know about succulents, when trying to get them big, is the basic care, such as watering. In one of our previous blogs, we talked about how much water is enough and how much is too much. So, for any information on watering, check out our other blog posts.

The next thing to be aware of is the type and amount of lighting you are giving/can give to your succulent. Many people do not know that succulents can go outside in the summer, so make sure you do that for optimal lighting! The actually prefer being outside. Succulents LOVE sunlight and that's a big factor in if your plant will grow big or not. So, the best place for succulents, in this case, is to keep them outside in the sun, if the temperature outside does NOT go below freezing.

Now, the biggest thing to know about growing big succulents is how to upsize! Upsizing is a huge part of this process because if you upsize the plant into a pot that is too big, your succulent might rot.

Here is some information about upsizing you'll need to know...

1. When upsizing, make sure to use the next biggest pot. Use a pot that is about 2-4 inches wider than your original pots diameter. For example, if you have a plant that is in a 4" pot, upsize to a pot that is no bigger than a 6" pot. You also do not want a pot that is noticeably too deep for your plant. Meaning, a 6" deep pot should be upsized to a pot that is no deeper than 8"-10".

2. Watering can be a bit tricky when upsizing your succulent. You do not need as much water as the pot can hold when the plant is freshly planted. If you water the freshly planted succulent the same way you did before upsizing, then there would be excess water and the plant might rot. Water the plant directly where the plant is located in the center of the pot until your succulent has rooted into the available soil around and below it. Use the same watering technique as you did before upsizing. Once you start to see that the plants roots are growing and filling out the pot, then you want to increase the amount of water.

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