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About Us

Welcome to Dutch Touch Growers - where it all began with a simple passion for growing flats of colorful flowering annuals. We started out small, tending to these vibrant blooms and learning the ins and outs of nurturing nature. Over the years, our journey has taken us to exciting new places as we've embraced new challenges and opportunities. Our initial success with flowering annuals gave us the confidence to dive into the world of succulents, and that's when things really took off.


Today, we're proud to be recognized for our thriving succulent program, which has evolved to include an extensive variety of cacti and houseplants. While we still hold a special place for the classic annuals and select perennials that everyone knows and loves, our main focus has gracefully shifted to encompass the captivating realm of succulents, cacti, and houseplants. 


With over 30 years of experience under our belts, we stand as a steadfast pillar in our community, offering not only the finest in greenery but also a wealth of knowledge to all plant enthusiasts, whether they're just starting out or have a seasoned green thumb. At Dutch Touch Growers, it's about more than just plants; it's about sharing our passion, fostering connections, and bringing the beauty of nature to every corner of your life.


Grow with us!

Meet Gerrit Kemme, our head grower and second-generation green guru at the heart of our lively plant nursery. In a light-hearted video, Gerrit spills all the dirt— the good kind, of course— as he shares the ins and outs of cultivating an eclectic mix of plants, from stylish succulents to resilient cacti. With a touch of humor and a wealth of family wisdom, Gerrit walks you through the everyday basics of running our nursery business – from handpicking premium seeds to guiding the plants through their growth stages. His passion for plants runs deep, having inherited the green thumb from his family. The video offers a casual and enjoyable peek into the routine that keeps our nursery thriving and Gerrit's role as the lively captain steering our green ship. Get ready for laughs, insights, and a generous helping of horticultural humor—after all, who knew dirt could be this entertaining?

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