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  • Which potting soil do we recommend?
    Any potting soil that is low-medium porosity and is well draining will perform well. Looking specifically for a potting soil that is advertised for Succulents, Cacti, or being well draining is ideal. Adding small-medium amounts of Rice Hulls, Perlite or Vermiculite to a potting soil can increase soil drainage.
  • How to I care for my plants?
    A care guide is sent with each order containing a QR code. Once the code is scanned, it will direct you to our website with care instructions on each plant that we carry. If you can't find the information you are looking for, send us a message!
  • How do I water my succulent?
    Established succulents prefer to be heavily watered infrequently. Always allowing the soil your succulent is planted in to dry in between watering is ideal. Small, non-established succulents will do better with little-medium watering. Succulents can go dry and will not die quickly if left dry for extended periods of time. Stress signs may be noticed, indicating watering is necessary.
  • Are succulents winter hardy?
    Most succulents are not winter hardy in the United States. Southern-most states have the best chance of over wintering succulents. The ideal lowest temperature a succulent can withstand is above freezing temperatures (Degrees of 35F - 40F to be safe).
  • How much light do succulents need?
    Many succulents grow the best in Part-Full Sun. Namely species like Haworthia, Gasteria, and Peperomia grow well in Part-Full Shade. When keeping succulents indoors artificial lighting may be necessary. If levels of light are below what the plant needs, signs to observe include stretching, discoloration and leaf loss.
  • What do the sizes mean?
    We offer plugs, 2.5" planter pots, 4" planter pots, and sometimes bigger pots. Plugs are smaller plants that are rooted into a cube of dirt. Great for planting in any container. A 2.5" or 4" container means that the width of the area that the plant grows in is that size. Typically the plant is the same size as the grow pot.
  • Can I buy wholesale?
    Yes! We offer a large quantity or varietes of wholesale purchase. Visit our wholesale page and fill out the form for more information!
  • Problems with my plant.
    If there is a problem upon arriveal, contatus within 7 days to receive a refund. If there is any problems anytime after 7 days, we will best asses the situation and do everything we can to create a solution.
  • Should I buy a heat pack?
    If you live in an area that is 32 dregrees F or lower, you will need to purchase a heat pack. If a heat pack is not purcahsed, we will not refund or replace any plants with cold damage.
  • Pest/Disease Control
    As a greenhouse facility who sells large volumes of plants to retail greenhouses around the US, we take pest and disease control very seriously. We have trained and certified pest/disease control employees who check and treat plants daily. Once an order is pulled for shipping, we complete a thorough check list to ensure the plant is sent in proper condition. If there is a problem with your plant please contact us within 7 days of arrival for a replacement plant
  • Can I track my order?
    Of course! Every customer is provided with a tracking number once the order has been processed and shipped!
  • My package never arrived.
    If you get a notification that you plant has been delivered or its been a few weeks since you received a shipping update, please contact the USPS center. Once a package leaves our facility, we cannot track or access any information regarding a package.

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