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Fertilizing Succulents

Similar to people, plants thrive off nutrition. Most succulents get enough nutrition from the soil they are planted in or even when watered. Fertilization is beneficial in a succulents life, but can be over used very easily.

Why Fertilize?

Fertilizer has many impacts on a succulents life and growth span. The general growth of the plant is the most targeted use for fertilizer. Other uses include root growth stimulate, color improvement, and an expected longer lifespan.

How Often do I Fertilize?

For succulents specifically, fertilization should be done once or twice a year. Succulents do a good job at receiving nutrition from their soil and the water in the soil. If over used, succulents may rot and potentially die. Typically, fertilizer is used once in the spring and once in early fall. This helps the succulent with new growth in the beginning of the year and helps the plant with dormancy at the end of the year.

Additionally, spot fertilizing is a great way to help specific needs of your succulents.

How much fertilizer do I use?

All fertilizers have instructions of use on their packaging.

Types of Fertilizer

There are different types of fertilizers in the plant world. All fertilizer labels have three numbers somewhere on the packaging (1-2-3). The number in slot 1 represents the amount of nitrogen, 2 is the amount of phosphate and 3 is the amount of potash in the fertilizer solution. The most common fertilizer mix for succulents is either a 10-10-10, 20-10-20, or 15-7-15. Any of the listed numbers above will work great for succulents as these numbers indicate a "soft" fertilizer. Anything with a higher number will be too harsh for the plant to digest.


When using fertilizer in any situation, latex gloves and, in some cases, safety goggles should be worn. Safety instructions are listed on fertilization labels.


Succulents benefit from a fertilization schedule that is minimal. Fertilizing once or twice a year is all you need to keep your plants happy, healthy, and growing.

If you have any questions about this blog post or succulents in general, send us a message!

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