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Plant Feature: Callisia Repens 'Gold'

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

As specialty plant growers for over 30 years, we have grown many different plant varieties. From house plants to annuals and perennials; If you can name it, we have probably grown it at sometime or another. Growing many different varieties is such a fun thing to be able to do. You learn so much about the different plants out there.

I have been working for Dutch Touch Growers for about 3 years now. In those 3 years, I have seen many different varieties and variations of plants. One plant in particular caught my attention; Callisia Repens ‘Gold’. Just from the picture alone, you can see why it caught my eye. The stunning golden oval shaped leaves contrasted with a red underside is a show stopper. I decided to buy a few plants off of Etsy and examine the growth behavior.

Callisia Repens ‘Gold’ belongs to the Bolivian Wandering Jew family. It is a miniature trailing plant that is native throughout South and Central America. This plant has many different uses. Most parts of the US grow this plant as an annual or a houseplant. In the Southern parts of the US, it can be used as a perennial. The best use for this plant in my opinion is to plant it in a hanging basket.

The growth behavior is similar to most Bolivian Wandering Jew plants. It is a very fast growing plant that provides an overall height of 4”-12” and can stretch up to 2’. With that being said, you might be wondering if pruning is necessary. Although most websites and care guides for this plant rarely recommend pruning, I think it is necessary. Pruning or pinching the tips will help the plant stay compact and grow at a more even rate.

Caring for a Callisia Repens ‘Gold’ is quite easy. This plant grows best in filtered sun or partial shade. Direct sunlight might cause leaf burn or harm to the stems. A well-draining soil should be used for any upsizing or container changes. This will ensure that any excess water is drained out preventing plant rot or root rot. Watering once the soil is completely dry will help prevent that as well.

Callisia Repens ‘Gold’ is a plant that I highly recommend if you do not have a green thumb or if you are looking for another plant to add to your collection! With the stunning coloring and fast trailing growth, it will be sure to add something special to your décor.

For any questions about this blog post or any plants, please leave us a comment below or send us a message!

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