Caring for String of Pearls

There is a large amount of variety in the world of succulents. One of the most commonly known one is the "String of Pearls".

The description is conveniently right in the name! This succulent looks like a bunch of peas tied to a string. This succulent has a sister plant that is called "Variegated String of Pearls". The only difference between the two plants is that the variegated version has a pink and white tint to the pearls!

The best part about "String of Pearls" is that they are extremely easy to care for. Unlike most succulents, they can be watered quite frequently. The pearls actually get their shape from holding water inside. So, if you ever see your string of pearls shrivel up, you'll know it's time to water.

Planting "String of Pearls" is quite easy as well. They are a hardier plant, meaning they won't fall apart, and they work well with every other type of succulent. "String of Pearls" works in any type of container, as well. The most popular planter for this succulent is a hanging basket. The way that this succulent flows down is quite a sight to see!

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